• Remember Me.

    This is nice. The rough edge makes it feel like an old Polaroid. The way the whole thing is on a slant is nice, especially since it’s in opposition to the posture of the characters. Good use of space. Great poster. 

  • Gamer.

    Seems rather traditional but they’ve done a nice job incorporating the pixel/digital feel without rasterizing the whole thing into 8-bit land. May have been a compromise but it’s overall good and telling the story. 

  • All About Eve

    Playful, vintage design hops your eye around the page. 

  • High Fidelity.

    Perfectly summarizes the movie in to a visual metaphor. 

  • Moon.

    A fantastic film and one of the best movie posters of all time.

  • The original title sequence for Labyrinth (1986) created at California College for the Arts.